Moving to Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is more than a cheese-and-bratwurst-lover’s paradise. Within the comfy confines of the many great towns of Wisconsin, you’ll find exciting attractions, great sports events, and people who know that the best medicine for a cold winter is being warm toward others. A move to Wisconsin means eating some of the heartiest food and keeping the friendliest company in the country. Start your house hunt with HouseRentals.com and search our quality Wisconsin house rentals.


Moving to Wisconsin

If you’re moving to Wisconsin from a warmer climate, prepare for a few differences in lifestyle. Wisconsin, especially in the northern reaches and along the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan, can be very cold in the winter. A well-insulated rental property is your best defense against the cold in Wisconsin. If you’re inspecting a house, pay particular attention to cracks under doors, and check for thin windows, which may let heat escape. A porous home can result in a high heating bill.

While on the subject of bills, always review any lease before signing. This will let you know who is responsible for the home utilities each month: you or the landlord. In fact, it’s often a mix of the two, depending on where you live. Understanding your Wisconsin renter rights will keep you from signing a shady lease. For example, the heating unit in a rental property must maintain a temperature of at least 67°F. If the property does not meet this requirement, the landlord is legally obligated to tell you.

Where to Live?

Madison, the capital of the state, is home to a variety of cultural events and attractions thanks in part to the University of Wisconsin. With a city atmosphere housing a college-town way of life, you’ll always have lots of fun activities available for the entire family, day or night. The city is home to numerous independent theatres as well as some delicious cuisine. Wisconsin is famous for bratwurst, after all.

Milwaukeeans enjoy the city’s wide variety of breweries, making the naming of the local Major League Baseball team, the Brewers, an appropriate moniker. However, the city is also home to a vibrant culture. Many people may come for the beer, but the variety of the residents makes for a pleasant and interesting atmosphere to take part in.

Speaking of sports, Green Bay offers arguably the most loyal fans of any professional team. Did you know that the Green Bay Packers are the only team in America owned by the city in which they play? That’s right, the residents of Green Bay are also shareholders of the team. This means that everyone taking in a blustery winter game has a personal stake in its outcome, making every game that much more riveting.

Wherever you choose to rent in Wisconsin, you’ll love the Midwestern charm of the town and the friendliness of its residents. Wisconsin may be cold in the winter, but you’ll learn to love it as much as everyone else there does.

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