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Moving to Vermont?

Vermont is a state rich in natural beauty and many people go there to visit or to live, seeking to simplify their lives or get away from the crowds. From Brattleboro to Burlington, our listing of houses for rent in Vermont will help you find a place of your own.


Moving to Vermont

Whether you are among the ranks of young professionals moving to the state for life at a different pace, relocating for family or career reasons, or retiring to a place where you can savor your surroundings, our rental listing can help you find a house, townhome, or condo for rent to fit your needs.

Most people who move to Vermont come, at least in part, for the scenery and atmosphere. With dramatic foliage in autumn, snowfall in winter, and rustic beauty all year round, Vermont has long been a scenic vacation spot that makes people want to live there year-round. Vermont ranks high on most lifestyle ratings because of its low crime rate, pristine environment, high-quality schools and educated population. It is especially popular with people who are retired, independently wealthy, or able to work from home or cyber-commute and has become a destination in recent years for people interested in green or alternative living.

Vermont’s strong support of cottage industries and small local businesses make it attractive both to those who want to buy and support local products and those seeking to start making or growing and selling their own craft or homestead products. The progressive outlook of many residents and their interest in culture means that there is always something to do, from skiing or fishing to visiting concerts, museums, and art galleries.

Living in Vermont

The most important thing to take into account before moving to Vermont is the cost. While it is a wonderful place to live, it is one of the most expensive rural states to live in. Housing prices, utilities, and taxes in Vermont are all higher than average. This is not much of a shock for people moving from many major cities or nearby metro areas, as many new Vermonters do, but it can make living in Vermont cost prohibitive to someone used to an area with lower living expenses. Jobs can be hard to get in Vermont’s relatively stagnant economy, so you’ll need to have a plan and a job lined up before moving.

The state’s main employers include IBM, local hospitals and colleges, and grocery store chains. Several niche businesses are based in Vermont as well, including Burton snowboards, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Vermont Teddy Bear Company, and Green /Mountain Coffee. Small farms and local-based export businesses are popular as well, including traditional maple syrup and more recently popular organic milk farms.

Rental Laws in Vermont

The rental laws in Vermont are pretty straight-forward and there are several tenant’s rights groups in the state. These groups help advice tenants and landlords both on how to do things legally and handle disputes and have lobbied for changes to the laws in recent years to protect renters, including better code enforcement. The Renting in Vermont handbook is a great resource for information.

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