Moving to Utah?

Utah consistently ranks among the best places to live in the United States and has several of the fastest-growing cities in the country. If you are looking for houses to rent in Utah, you will find a wide variety of rental available and many different types of communities.

Our rental home listings can help you find anything from a Sundance condo to a townhouse in Salt Lake City or a single family home with land near Ogden or Provo.


Why Move to Utah?

There are many reasons for moving or relocating to Utah, depending on who you ask. Historically, the state was a haven for Mormons seeking a place to leave where they could practice their religion freely, and it still draws a large number of LDS residents who move to Utah from other states and countries. Many of them start off as students at BYU and remain in the area after graduation.

Others are drawn to Utah because of the family-friendly atmosphere, low crime rate, and strong economy in the Salt Lake City and St. George areas. Still others move to Utah to take advantage of the multiple ski areas, state and national parks, and other outdoor recreation opportunities. Business owners and people looking for a place to start or further their careers are also drawn to Utah because of the state laws, labor force, and incentives that make it attractive to start or build a company there.

Utah Culture

Utah is a very unique place to live. More than half of the state’s residents are Mormon so state laws and social attitudes tend to be very conservative in many areas and many businesses are closed on Sunday. That said, people there are also very nice and easy-going for the most part, so diverse views are welcome and even flourish in places like Park City and the Salt Lake Valley.

The strong tourism and outdoor industries in several areas have attracted many younger and more liberal residents and some neighborhoods have a much more laid back and artsy feel. The southern part of the state and the area in around Utah County especially have a reputation for being the most conservative areas, while Summit & Carbon counties are more liberal than most other parts of the state.

If you’ve never lived in Utah, though, there are some things to prepare for. The most shocking for some people are the state’s strict alcohol laws. Liquor is allowed or purchase only at the ABC store, wine coolers are not sold in convenience stores, and drinks cannot be ordered in restaurants without being accompanied by a food order. Some municipalities have banned beer as well, and all alcoholic beverages sold in Utah must have a state-approved label showing the percentage of alcohol. Pornography is also banned within the state, and a state law requires internet providers to block it at customers’ request.

Renting in Utah

Rentals and real estate in Utah can be expensive compared to the average salary in some areas, so it is best to find a job before moving. Research the area you want to live in well and visit beforehand if possible, because the climate can vary widely in Utah, with some areas getting well over 100 degrees in summer and others getting frequent heavy snow in winter. For information on landlord-tenant laws, check out this online guide from the Utah State Courts or one of the renter’s guides listed below.

Renter’s Resources

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