Moving to Tennessee?

Big cities, farmland, mountains, or life on a big river: Tennessee has it all. Whether you prefer the country or the city, if you’re looking for a new place to live, Tennessee is a dream.

Its unique urban communities, the Great Smoky Mountains and a legendary music tradition are just a few of the features that will have this state at the top of anyone’s short list of relocation options.


Getting Ready for Your Big Move

Understand your rights as a renter in Tennessee to avoid trouble when you’re preparing to sign a lease. Landlords in Tennessee are required to ensure that their properties are in safe and habitable condition prior to a tenant moving in. If you’re looking for houses to rent in Tennessee, you can expect them to be in excellent condition. Specific details about your rental are included in your individual lease, so review it thoroughly before appending your signature.

Big Cities and the Great Smoky Mountains

Tennessee has a lot to offer its residents. If you choose one of the beautiful cities in the eastern portion of the state, such as Knoxville or Chattanooga, you’ll enjoy urban culture and still remain a short drive from the most-visited park in America: Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Apart from the incredible views, hiking, camping and skiing, plenty other attractions await you and your family in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, two towns at the gates of the park.

Capital of Country Music

As the capital of country music and the state, Nashville has much to offer anyone lucky enough to live there. The city enjoys a large population but little overcrowding, making homes easy to come by. Choose from an array of entertainment events, and enjoy a night on the town, whether you’re a country music fan or not. Take a trip to the Grand Ole Opry to visit the heart of country music past and present.

Rocking out in Memphis

If rock ’n’ roll is more to your taste, you’ll love Memphis, the site of Elvis Presley’s famous home, Graceland. Memphis is a primary stop along the Mississippi River. This busy waterway ensures industry and plenty of jobs in the city for new residents, not to mention steamboat rides and casinos on the water. Beyond that, every night of the week is a party on Memphis’ famous Beale Street, one of the few locations in America that allows open alcoholic beverages. Along with a tasty beverage, you’ll also enjoy the best barbecue to be found anywhere in the world. Memphis cuisine is rivaled only by the friendliness and fun-loving nature of its residents.

Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time choosing where to live in Tennessee; a gateway to the South, Tennessee offers culture and fun on par with anything you might find on either side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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