Moving to South Dakota?

A state known for its low taxation policy and a low cost of living, South Dakota is high on the list of places to relocate to and start a business. Home to Mount Rushmore, this state has an abundance of natural beauty preserved through its national parks and forests.

Its history is embedded deeply in Native American culture where you can explore the richness of the Lakota and the Sioux traditions, the influence of the French and Spanish settlers through the course of a few centuries.


Gold in South Dakota

The discovery of gold in the Black Hills region and the construction of a railway link to the Yankton in the second half of the nineteenth century led to hordes of settlers arriving from Scandinavia, Germany, Ireland and other European countries.

Later declining into economic depression, South Dakota has reinvented itself from its agricultural past into a state offering a diversity of avenues on the economic platform. The tourism industry thrives today and its public policy features incentives for a variety of small businesses. In fact, even larger companies such as Citibank have moved their financial operations from New York to South Dakota.

Finding the Right Location

Flanked on either side of the Missouri River, the state is split into two parts, East River and West River. Not only are these geographically divided, but the two halves represent two whole uniquely different strengths. The fertile soil of the eastern half lends itself to agriculture and is more densely populated, while the western half thrives on ranching and tourism.

Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota. In recent times, the state policies have sought to expand its economic base from a rural, agricultural one to one that is rapidly becoming home to industries such as bio-medical research and alternative energy.

Exploring Nature and History

You can explore the vast riches of this region in the beautifully preserved national parks, art galleries and museums. Native American tribal art and exhibits, museums displaying a variety of artifacts related to early settlers, wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, railroad and agricultural museums are a wealth of resource for families and people of all ages. Hiking, biking and walking trails of its national parks, fishing in its glacial lakes and rivers, vast opportunities for hunting, for the timid as well as the more daring hunters, make South Dakota a fascinating place to wander.

Inform Yourself: Renting Laws

Now that you have decided on a plan to move to South Dakota, it would be advisable to check out the laws relating to renters of housing in this state. Tenant and landlord obligations and rights vary by state and can be found on the South Dakota Landlord Tenant Law website.

As a prospective resident of South Dakota, it makes sense to consider a long-term house rental, particularly if you have a family. With its relatively low population, houses for rent in South Dakota offer many advantages for a long stay.

Tax Laws in South Dakota

Learn about the state's tax laws and why South Dakota is attracting businesses as they seek greater sustainability in the present economic climate. Your guide to all major taxes is a mouse-click away at the South Dakota Department of Revenue.

A new lifestyle awaits you in this vast and wonderful state where friendly people and an entrepreneur-friendly atmosphere combine with affordability to make living well possible.


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