Moving to Oregon?

Moving to Oregon can mean making a choice among homes, townhouses, and condos that include a great diversity of environments.

People who relocate to Oregon choose new homes among sleepy fishing villages, rugged deserts, dramatic mountain ranges, redwood forests and eclectic, sophisticated cities. No matter where you choose to live, a new and exciting change of pace is always only hours away.

What to Know as a Renter in Oregon

Before relocating to Oregon, check out the following websites for detailed information about living in Oregon, including renter, tenant and property rights.

1. This website (http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/states/oregon/renting/tenantrights) details renters’ and tenants’ rights and regulations.

2. For information about tourism attractions and things to do in Oregon, click here (http://www.oregonattractions.org/).

3. For census and employment data, look here (http://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.or.htm).

4. Before you travel, check the roads (http://www.tripcheck.com/Pages/RCmap.asp?curRegion=0&mainNav=RoadConditions) as mountain passes may be closed due to snow, even in late spring or early summer.

An Oceanside View

Oregon is an incredibly diverse state with over 360 miles of stunning coastline, much of it preserved and undeveloped. Visit the rocky, melancholy cliffs, talk a walk along sparkling stretches of black sand, or enjoy some fresh seafood from one of the many local fishing harbors. Don’t forget to say hello to the sunbathing sea lions! Jump in a boat and join the fisherman for a day of whale watching or deep-sea fishing in Depoe Bay. Shop in the charming villas of Newport and Seaside, or head south to Gold Beach and raft the Rogue River before visiting the many secluded beaches.

Climb a Mountain

Bend, Oregon is a beautiful city sitting atop Oregon’s mountainous divide, and is well-known as a home-base for adventure enthusiasts. Here you’ll find world-class skiing, cycling and hiking, as well as caving opportunities and the chance to visit underground lava tubes. Bend is also home to Deschutes Brewery and a number of other award-winning microbreweries. From Bend, you can easily access the pristine pine and spruce forests of the Cascade Mountains.

Just west of Portland, you’ll have access to more spectacular mountains, including the majestic Mt. Hood. The lush Columbia Gorge follows the Columbia River into Washington and provides access to waterfalls, unspoiled hikes, and beautiful forestlands.

Southern Oregon is redwood and sequoia country. You’ll see massive and ancient trees, some up to 10 feet in diameter, as you hike or drive through Rogue River National Forest.

Cowboy Up

Rugged eastern Oregon is filled with farms and desert lands, and the locals are committed to preserving the old ways of life. You’ll find cowboys, rodeos, covered wagons, and a bevy of Western and Native American history and folklore in the untarnished high desert of Oregon’s eastern half. The easternmost city of Ontario borders Idaho, and residents take advantage of the many career and education opportunities available in the neighboring Boise area. Pendleton and Baker City lie to the north, and the Steen Mountains cap the untamed wilds of the sparsely populated south.

Cultural Visionaries

Portland, Oregon is a thriving cultural mecca only a few hours’ drive south of Seattle. Portland is home to all sorts of innovative artists, musicians, foodies, and intellectuals, and it is one of the top cities in the world for coffee roasting and barista handiwork. Ideal for small business ventures, Portland is filled with consumers and policies that fiercely advocate for local businesses, preferring neighborly shops and restaurants and local business upstarts to massive corporate companies. By living in Portland, you’ll become neighbors with some of the most exciting and passionate visionaries in art, culture, cuisine and community problem solving.

In addition to all the urban delights of a major city, Portland is only minutes from mountain and coastal resorts and amazing outdoor adventures.

Head West

With over 98,000 square miles and 9 distinct eco-regions, Oregon offers its residents tremendous variety and excitement. Begin researching rentals in Oregon today!

For more information about what Oregon has to offer, please visit the official state website (http://www.oregon.gov/Pages/index.aspx).