Moving to Oklahoma?

Planning a move to Oklahoma is exciting and fun. Though Oklahoma is one of the country's youngest states, it has a rich history that influences every spot from the flatlands of the panhandle to the far-eastern Ozark hills.

HouseRentals.com can help you to learn all you need to know about renting houses in Oklahoma. You can find information about the best locations for your needs, your rights as a renter in Oklahoma, and any special circumstances of which you may not be immediately aware.

Why Move to Oklahoma?

If you are looking for houses to rent, you will find some of the best prices in Oklahoma. This state has the second lowest cost of living in the United States, topped only by Tennessee.

Furthermore, the joblessness that faces the rest of the nation is practically nonexistent in Oklahoma. The Bureau of Labor Statistics rates Oklahoma as having the sixth lowest unemployment in the country. From oil fields to education, from farm to finance, Oklahoma's job market is as diverse as its geography.

Oklahoma Cities

In keeping with the low cost of living in the state, houses for rent in Oklahoma are reasonably priced throughout the land. Many who move to Oklahoma do so for the sake of their jobs or education. In these instances, the choice of where to move is made fairly simple. The largest cities in Oklahoma are Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Both of these cities are rich in heritage and culture, with plenty of houses for rent inside the city limits as well as in the suburbs. Norman, just outside of Oklahoma City, is well known for bring home to the University of Oklahoma as well as the National Weather Center. Stillwater is also an educational hub, as it is the location of Oklahoma State University. Lawton, the home of Fort Sill, is also a popular spot for renters.

Rural Oklahoma

Those who are not bound by location may find that they would prefer to live in homes in the countryside. Luckily for those hoping to move to Oklahoma, there are plenty of small towns with beautiful houses to rent. Most of these towns are located on or near a major highway, which makes reaching bigger cities fairly quick and easy. Some towns, like Elk City, pride themselves by resting on the historic Route 66. Others, like Ponca City, make their claim to fame by being located within Indian Reservations.

Renter Resources

Of course, choosing to move is never without its troubles. Renting a home in Oklahoma can be difficult when you are transferring from a distant state. However, there are some simple ways to make the transition easier.

If you are choosing to fly, there are two major airports in the state. Oklahoma City is centrally located and major highways travel throughout the state from its capital. However, if you are moving to eastern Oklahoma, it may be faster and easier to fly into Tulsa. Those who will be looking at home in the southern part of state might choose to fly into Dallas. Oklahoma's roads are well kept and easy to travel. Renting a car is generally the simplest way of getting around.

Once you find a house to rent in Oklahoma, it is important to know your rights. The Oklahoma Bar Association keeps tenants' rights information up-to-date and online at http://www.okbar.org/public/brochures/tenants-rights.htm

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