Moving to North Dakota?

Is North Dakota calling your name? Are you an avid outdoorsman who likes to hunt and fish - especially ice-fishing? If so, this is definitely the place for you. With a plethora of cities, towns, and neighborhoods to choose from, you are sure to find a number of houses for rent in North Dakota that will fit your needs perfectly.

If you're not so much into the outdoor scene, don't worry! The state has plenty other cultures and options and we can help you find the perfect home, condo, or apartment in your ideal location.


Geography and Economics
Bordering Canada on the north, North Dakota is a Great Plains state with four distinct seasons. The state is mostly flat, but does have a more hilly area to the north, and has a rich store of fossil fuels including oil and coal. These fossil fuel contribute heavily to the local economy, but agriculture is the number one source of revenue for the state due to its vast farmlands. The population and employment rates have been growing over the past few years, especially in service and technology, so moving to North Dakota can be a great career move.

Demographics and History
While the majority of the state's population is caucasian, North Dakota has strong Native American roots. Its name, Dakota is actually Sioux in origin. There are several Native American reservations in the state and four tribes recognized by the federal government. Various pow-wows and other gatherings are held regularly throughout the state each year. 

North Dakota Trivia
1. The geographic center of the North American continent is in the town of Rugby, North Dakota.
2. North Dakota is the least-visited state in the Union. This is due to the low population and most of the state being used for farming.
3. It is against the law to serve pretzels and beer at the same time at any restaurant or bar in the state.
4. In the city of Fargo, North Dakota, it is illegal to wear a hat while dancing.

Know Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Renter
Before renting, it is wise to be familiar with the landlord and tenant laws of that particular state. This will help the rental process go much more smoothly and avoid misunderstanding and conflict between the renter and landlord. A copy of these pertaining to the state of North Dakota can be accessed at

Resources for Renters
1. There are several different public transportation systems in North Dakota. A listing of all the systems by county and type is at
2. To learn more about voter registration, visit
3. For tax information in North Dakota, see

Grab your ice-fishing gear and head out to the lake. Get a taste of the local outdoor culture and the beautiful scenery. Taking care of finding a house will not slow you down because we have a exhaustive list of rentals, condos, apartments, and houses for rent in North Dakota. Let us take care of the details so you can get on with your life.