Moving to New Jersey?

While New Jersey may not enjoy the same high-class reputation of its neighbors, the state is home to great opportunities and affordable living that many northeastern states simply can’t match.

Whether you want to move to the urban north or the more rural south, you can bet that the beginning of your bright future starts with finding the perfect house for rent in New Jersey.


Making Your Move Safely and Responsibly

As a new resident to the state, you may be worried about shady landlords taking advantage of your good nature. However, thanks to state law and renter rights, all landlords are required to distribute a state-published pamphlet entitled Truth-in-Renting, which details all the pertinent information you’ll need when arriving to the state. This is, of course, no substitute for inspecting the property thoroughly before moving in to ensure that all appliances are in working order and any existing damage is repaired. Also, carefully read your lease agreement before signing.

Newark, the State’s Metropolis

You might think Newark is an airport close to New York City, but the residents of New Jersey’s largest city know better. Ellis Island may have been the first stop for many immigrants to America, but Newark was often where they settled. A cultural metropolis in its own right, Newark and its residents are proof that there is life outside the Big Apple. With a diverse population, you’ll find many interesting neighborhoods and great dining throughout. Rent is not nearly as high as in New York, so many people may commute to work in NYC, but spend their off hours resting comfortably back in Jersey.

Atlantic City, the Original Vegas

If you like an element of risk in your entertainment, you’ll love Atlantic City. After a stroll on the boardwalk, you can step into a casino and try your hand at any number of games or enjoy one of the many shows that take place year-round. If you’ve ever played the board game Monopoly, you’re one step ahead of learning the city. All of the property spaces in the game are named after real streets in town!

Southern New Jersey

The lower portion of New Jersey is one of the best-kept secrets in the camping community. Miles of quiet woods are home to a variety of wildlife you’d be hard-pressed to find near the big cities. If you want to rent a home farther away from the bright city lights, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of this region and be only an hour’s drive from nearby Philadelphia. In fact, the state’s close proximity to big cities gives New Jerseyans the option to work out of state and avoid the hassle of competing with a dozen people all vying for the same small apartment—and paying an arm and a leg for it.

Moving to New Jersey will allow you to enjoy all of the comforts of an urban lifestyle without having to worry about many of the problems residents of busy cities face. With its rich history, dating back to General George Washington’s Continental Army camping here over the winter, and exciting culture both in the state and nearby, New Jersey might be the perfect spot for you and your family.

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