Moving to Michigan?

With a great school system, low cost of living, and numerous cultural events, now is a great time to rent in the Great Lakes State. Michigan boast freshwater coast on three sides, not to mention the pristine beauty of its upper peninsula. Search HouseRentals.com for single-family homes and find your perfect residency.


The Motor City and Beyond

While the glory days of Detroit in the 1950s and 60s may be past, a number of companies both large and small are actively creating new jobs in the area. Despite the fall of the Detroit-based American car industry in the early 2000s, Michigan continues to enjoy steady growth and renewed industrial investment. As the city returns to its original standing, getting in at the ground floor can set your career on a path to greatness. Replete with a rich musical history in Motown, hip hop and rock and roll, Detroit offers a host of activities to take part in. You can even cross the Detroit River for a fun night in Windsor, Canada.

Other midsized towns of Michigan, such as Grand Rapids, Lansing and Ann Arbor, offer not only low prices for those looking to rent a house in Michigan, but they are also home to many of the best public and private universities in the country. Michigan State University and the University of Michigan are both excellent schools for anyone seeking a career in engineering, while the University of Michigan is well known for its law school and liberal arts programs.

Staying Warm in Your New Rental

Winter can be especially severe in Michigan due to the state’s proximity to the lakes. An overnight snowfall of a foot or more in western towns like Kalamazoo is not uncommon, but the state’s infrastructure is always prepared to clear the roads quickly. In fact, renters sharing a home in Michigan can deduct their heating bill from their taxes, making the price of the utility far less stressful on the pocketbook.

Because climate control in your home can be so important, it’s a good idea to investigate the insulation of any townhome, condo, or house you may rent. Look for cracks into which outside air can sneak, and ask if the windows are heat saving, as escaping heat can run up your energy bill quickly. And always know the details of your lease and your rights as a Michigan renter.

A Countryside Worth Taking In

Especially along the coasts of Lake Michigan to its western border and the northern parts of the state, there are a great many small towns with big-city culture. Manistee and Ludington, for example, offer cozy downtowns populated with art galleries, locally owned boutiques and microbreweries, making for unique shopping and living experiences.

Summer in Michigan offers such great opportunities for day trips and weekend getaways that residents often spend their vacation in state. The beaches are clean and un-crowded, hunting and fishing abound, and viewers of the television show Good Morning, America voted Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Park in the northwest the “Most Beautiful Place in America.”

With a bright future ahead for the state, renting a home in Michigan may be a great idea for you and your family. New jobs are being created all the time, and thanks to its well-educated population, anything is possible.

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