Moving to Maine?

Maine is situated on the northeastern tip of the United States. Since Maine is the most northern state on the eastern seaboard, it has not seen the same over-development as most other states in the region. To the contrary, Maine retains a more rugged feel, and it is best known for its scenic landscapes and its close relationship with the Atlantic Ocean.

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An Overview of Maine

Maine has ample wilderness, and parts of the state are often best defined by their geological nuances. To start, Maine has nearly 230 miles of coastline along the Atlantic with major cities like Portland situated near the shore. However, while other cities like Eastport and Rockland depend on the water, Maine also has unique landscapes moving inland.

Much of the state is covered with forest, and the Appalachian Mountains reach up into Maine. There are also numerous lakes throughout the center of the state with Moosehead and Chamberlain Lakes. Maine also shares a significant border with Canada with cities like Fort Kent and Van Buren near the crossing. Portland is the largest city, and Bangor is another major economic center in the state.

Attractions and Opportunities in Maine

Maine has a reputation for its natural attractions. While the coast is too rocky and cold for swimming or water sports, it does offer spectacular views. Maine has a number of unique geological oddities including Old Sow, which is the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere. Inland, part of the Appalachian Trail goes through the state, and Acadia National Park is also located in Maine, stretching along the coast with magnificent views of the water and the forests.

Outdoor sports are popular in Maine with favorites such as hiking, biking, skiing, hunting, ski-mobiling and more. The ocean is still an important part of Maine's lifestyle with fishing, shipbuilding and other oceanic pursuits. There are also a number of islands off the coast and, in many places, a trip to Canada is an easy drive.

Rental Regulations in Maine

Renting is a fantastic way to minimize monthly payments and stay relatively mobile. However, renting is still a legal agreement, which is why all renters need to understand their rights and requirements prior to relocating to Maine. Every state will have its own policies for renters, so it is important to do some research regarding the laws in Maine. For more information, be sure to visit On this site, the Department of Housing and Urban Development provides a number of useful links for renters in Maine.

Resource Links for Maine Renters

To help with the transition when renting in Maine, try the following websites.

Department of Education:


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Voter Registration:

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Making the Move to Maine

Renting in Maine can be a great choice for those who love the great outdoors. With scenic mountains, rocky coasts, green forests and thriving cities, there is plenty of variety in this northeastern refuge. Whether settling in an urban center like Portland or choosing a rental in the more rugged areas in the Appalachians, houses to rent in Maine provide the perfect opportunity.