Moving to Kentucky?

When moving to Kentucky, or the "Bluegrass State," you are probably interested in learning a little more about the state, what sets it apart, and what kinds of homes it has to offer.

Every individual and family has unique needs and dreams for their home, and we are on hand to help you find something that meets those requirements. No matter what type of rental you are looking for, we can help you find it. We have a comprehensive list of single-family homes, condos, and duplexes, so you are sure to find your perfect house rental.

State Culture and Flavor

Kentucky is probably the most famous for its horse racing culture. It is the home of Churchill Downs, home of the renowned Kentucky Derby, celebrated as "the greatest two minutes in sports." The area around Lexington is especially populated with horse farms and race tracks.

Another type of racing that is wildly popular in Kentucky is automobile racing. The Kentucky Speedway is the most popular of the many tracks, but the state is highly populated with all types and sizes of racetracks varying from asphalt to dirt, and designed for cars, bikes, and trucks. Kentucky is also known for as bourbon country with numerous bourbon distilleries. Quality bourbon is a matter of pride among Kentuckians and there are several "bourbon trails" that include various distilleries offering tastings and tours.

Attractions and Events

1. Kentucky is home to Mammoth Cave National Park, which is the world's longest cave system, with more than 390 miles of passageways. They offer several types of tours, ranging from electric-lit to those lit only by paraffin-type lamps carried by the tourists. They also provide "wild" tours into the muddy and undeveloped areas for the more adventurous.

2. The Bluegrass Balloon Festival is the country's 5th largest balloon festival. It is held in September each year and includes balloon races, shows, concerts, and other family-friendly activities.

3. There are many historic sites throughout the state dating back to early America. Some of these include Old Louisville, the Highlands Area and Old Jefferson.

Knowing Your Rights as a Renter

Before renting in Kentucky, it is advisable to become familiar with the state landlord & tenant laws. This can be found at and can make your rental process go much more smoothly.

Resource Guide for Renters

1. Many renters are interested in the types of public transportation available. If this applies to you, more information can be obtained from the American Public Transportation Association at

2. To learn more about driver license registration and motor vehicle laws in Kentucky, visit

3. The state of Kentucky offers a Newcomer’s Guide with many helpful links at

4. For Kentucky tax information, visit the state's department of revenue site at

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