Moving to Iowa?

Located in America's heartland, Iowa is known for its thriving cornfields and its homegrown culture. Renters looking to settle in Iowa should be aware of the various options across the state, picking a location that is well suited for their personal goals.

Fortunately, Iowa has many opportunities for renters looking to relocate with affordable housing and comfortable living. Start the search by looking at condos, single family homes, and other properties throughout the state.

What to Know as a Renter in Iowa

It is easy to think that renters have fewer rights than homeowners, but the government still has policies to protect renters. To see the specific laws in Iowa, be sure to visit This website from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development explains the expectations and rights of tenants, making it an essential reference for renters.

Educational Excellence

One of the most common reasons to move to Iowa is its educational opportunities. Iowa schools are regarded as safe and inviting for students of all ages. For children, the elementary schools provide a safe and invigorating atmosphere. For adults, Iowa has three state schools. The first is the University of Iowa. As a Big Ten school, it has a large campus and countless programs that attract students from around the world. The University of Iowa is located in Iowa City while Iowa State University is in Ames and the University of Northern Iowa is in Cedar Falls.

Rural Charm

Although the cities are growing, part of Iowa's charm is its open spaces and rolling hills. Much of the state is still flush with farmland, especially in the southern and northern regions. In fact, Iowa was chosen for the filming location of the classic movie "Field of Dreams," and the iconic farm is still operational in Dyersville. These rural areas have managed to retain a quaint, old-world feel. Plus, many of the properties available for rent are more unique than the large, cookie-cutter rentals in cities. In rural areas, rental properties might include old-fashioned farm houses, which provide a more homey feel.

Affordable Living

Iowa has relatively cheap housing options, which can help take the burden off renters. Although major cities such as Des Moines and cultural centers like Iowa City are going to be the most expensive for renters, even these cities are well below average compared to other states. By expanding the search to smaller towns in more rural areas, it is possible to get an exceptional deal. More than that, the cost of gas, groceries and other amenities is still lower in Iowa than it is across the nation.

Business Growth

Iowa may not be the first place one thinks of when it comes to cutting edge business, but there are still ample business opportunities throughout the state. Des Moines continues to grow with a revitalized downtown and ever-expanding suburbs. Other cities such as Cedar Rapids, Council Bluffs, Davenport or Dubuque continue to have new work options in a variety of fields including finance, manufacturing and banking.

The Heart of the Matter

Iowa has unique benefits for renters. With so many houses for rent in Iowa, it is easy to find affordable, comfortable housing throughout the state. Long time residents and new renters alike are sure to feel at home when renting in Iowa.

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