Moving to Indiana?

With the peace and quiet of the big western states but without the isolation of central Montana, moving to Indiana is a great middle ground for those looking for a new place to live. Home to hundreds of miles of farmland, the same down-home spirit and hospitality of the country is evident even in a big city like Indianapolis. Relocating and moving to Indiana gives you access to esteemed universities and other wonderful opportunities.


Preparing for a Move to Indiana

Looking for houses for rent in Indiana is an easy affair thanks to the ample availability of real estate. In fact, in the northwest portion of the state, many who commute to nearby Chicago are calling Indiana home. The affordable property rental rates and rural attitude with big-city proximity make it an inviting alternative to a tiny downtown apartment.

If you are looking to rent a house in Indiana, take a few moments to review your Indiana renter rights. Knowing how much you can expect to pay in security deposit can prevent a sudden scramble for cash prior to signing your lease. Your renter’s rights also protect you from landlords who may attempt to change the terms of your lease after it’s been signed. Your rights, though, are often detailed in your individual lease, so you should review it carefully. Take special note of which utilities your landlord will pay and which ones you will be responsible for.

Great Schools and Great Sports

The diverse culture of Indiana is due largely to the number of universities it hosts. Indianapolis, the state’s largest city and capital, is home to Butler University. Bloomington hosts Indiana University, and West Lafayette hosts Purdue University, both perennial basketball championship contenders. The capital is home to the NBA’s Pacers, making the state as crazy about basketball as Texas is about football. When winter temperatures begin to drop, Hoosiers are known to play basketball to stay in shape.

Indiana Stars & Attractions

Is it any wonder that people as successful as James Dean, Michael Jackson and Larry Bird were all born in the Hoosier State?

Indianapolis boasts numerous museums and other attractions making it a family-friendly community, perfect for raising children. Concerts and festivals abound, and the Indiana State Fair is a fun event you won’t want to miss. Indiana’s more populous neighbors, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, sometimes overshadow Indiana, but this state’s residents don’t mind its under-the-radar status; it helps keep the exciting goings-on a well-kept secret. Still, Indiana’s proximity to the large cities of Chicago, Columbus and Detroit provides access to an ever-widening cultural experience. Renting a house in Indiana is the first step to your own discovery of this wonderful state.

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