Moving to Delaware?

If you are considering moving to Delaware, then you are in good company. While it is one of the nation’s smallest states, it is a very popular destination for retirement and for people from the surrounding area who are looking for a slower-paced lifestyle and lower taxes.



Why Move to Delaware?

Whether you are looking for a condo in Rehoboth Beach, a house or duplex near Dover, or a townhouse in Wilmington, our rental listing will help you find the home you are looking for.

The state’s location is one reason it’s so appealing. Delaware’s location near the middle of the east coast makes it convenient to both the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. Many people who live in Delaware commute to other states to work, with NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Maryland, & New Jersey all close by.

This also means that the shopping, cultural, and entertainment opportunities are within reach even for those who prefer to live in a more rural area. It you enjoy being on or near the water, that’s even better, because Delaware is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware, and Chesapeake Bay. This location also makes more a climate that is mild, but still has four season’s worth of weather, because Delaware crosses two climate zones – the Northern half of the state has more snow and colder winters, while the southern half is more temperate.

Another advantage to living in Delaware is the cost. This is why so many people are willing to commute to jobs out of state. There is no state sales tax, because the state has a large industrial and corporate tax base, due to very favorable laws for businesses. State and local taxes are also low compared to the surrounding states, as are housing and rental costs. Many people comparing houses for rent in Delaware with those in nearby states find that the differences in the cost of living more than makes up for a slightly longer commute.

Living in Delaware

The laws for landlords and tenants in Delaware are similar to those in many other states, with the added advantage that the security deposit for a lease of a year or longer can only equal one month’s rent (many other states allow two months or more). The full Delaware Landlord-Tenant Code and a shorter summary version are both available online. It is important to remember that mobile home rentals in mobile home parks fall under a different set of laws and rules.

The type of lifestyle or environment you are looking for may help you narrow down your search for a home to rent. In general, the northernmost part of the state is more crowded and industrialized. It has been compared to Philly and is home to DuPont and many other chemical and manufacturing plants. The middle part of the state is more rural and the area around Dover is home to many banking and finance companies. Sussex County, to the south, is home to the beaches and many public parks and swimming areas, but can get very crowded in summer.

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