Moving to Colorado?

Colorado has attracted and inspired generations with its natural beauty and abundant land. In looking for condos or houses to rent in Colorado, options range from old-fashioned adobe homes on the desert or plains to ultra-modern condos in the cities or slope-side townhouses with breathtaking views of the mountains. Whether you’re looking for a duplex in Denver, a home in Boulder, or a condo in Colorado Springs, you can find what you are looking for by searching our rental listings below.


Colorado History & Attractions

Colorado was named for the Colorado River, which got its name from the red silt it carried. It is nicknamed the “Centennial State” because it was admitted into the union in 1876, 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The state has a very diverse landscape and climate, encompassing mountains, foothills, high plains, deserts, and lakes. This is because it sites on the Rocky Mountains and the Continental divide, giving different parts of the states very different climates and appearances.

Attractions in Colorado include 4 National Parks and large stretches of National Forest, Pike’s Peak, and many ski and outdoor recreation areas. There are multiple museums and heritage sites, mainly centered around the state’s Native American and Hispanic heritage, and trails and settlements dating back to the western expansion, gold rush, and Mormon migration.

Why Move to Colorado & Fun Facts

Colorado has been experiencing population growth and that trend is expected to continue, especially around the Denver area, which is one of the top-ranking cities among young professionals looking to relocate. Colorado’s reputation as a progressive state and a mecca for healthy and active people makes it very attractive to those who value fitness and the many outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

Colorado also has a very strong economy, which is a definite consideration these days. The federal government is a major employer, with jobs including Forestry and the Park Service, the US Air Force Academy, the NORAD defense base, several Air Force bases, a large Supermax and other federal prison facilities, and several other government agencies and installations. This has attracted many high-tech and scientific research industries to the area.

Colorado produces more beer than any other state, thanks to a large number of breweries. Other industries include the state’s original occupations of mining and farming, as well as food processing, machinery, chemicals, and transportation equipment.

Renting in Colorado

The state of Colorado provides many helpful resources for people looking to move to or rent in Colorado, including rental guides explaining landlord and tenant rules, which can be downloaded here under the label “Landlord-tenant rights”. Cities such as Boulder & Fort Collins also have their own tenant guides. The rules for renting are similar to most other states, meaning that the landlord must give a 3 day notice in most cases prior to eviction, cannot do a “self-help” eviction by changing the locks, and must maintain a habitable dwelling.

Renter’s Resources

The Colorado Renter’s Guide – from the Colorado Division of Housing & Denver Housing Authority

Colorado Division of Housing – main CDH website

Information for People Moving to Colorado – from, lots of helpful links

Colorado Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicles – Residency, Driver’s License, Voter Registration info

Colorado Department of Education – School Districts & information