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Why do you love Sherman Oaks?

Sherman Oaks is the best of all worlds. It is a great family town with great schools, restaurants, parks and shopping. 'More than Waffles' is one of my favorites. People come from all the surrounding towns to enjoy Sherman Oaks and its many activities.

Describe your perfect weekend in Sherman Oaks?

Sherman Oaks is a perfect mid-way point. There are so many things to choose from to entertain anyone on any weekend. Things such as; Hiking, Golfing, Walks around the great neighborhoods, shopping or even a nice pic nic in one of the fantastic local parks.

Two fun facts about Sherman Oaks

Close to Universal Studios, Hollywood and beaches Sherman Oaks has all the diversity that Los Angeles has to offer.

One or two things you dislike about Sherman Oaks

If you do not enjoy busy areas with a lot of people and a lot of activity Sherman Oaks may not be the place for you.

How is street parking around the city?

Street parking simply depends on what area in Sherman Oaks you are looking into. Overall there has not been much issue with this topic with any of my past clients.

Family-friendly atmosphere?

Sherman Oaks absolutely a family-friendly area. You will see families everywhere you go. There is a huge variety of activities available in the area for families. One of Sherman Oaks most popular activities include a visit to Sherman Oaks Castle Park with many fun things to do including the arcade, miniature golf, and batting cages. The Galleria is also nearby if your family wanted to do some shopping.

Do you feel safe at night walking around?

Yes, absolutely! Sherman Oaks is a family friendly neighborhood with plenty of street lights around allowing people to feel safe when they feel the need to go on a walk or perhaps a night run to relieve some stress.

What initially attracted you to move to Sherman Oaks?

Unlike most of the valley the area is urbanized, with commercial skyscrapers along Ventura Boulevard as well as scattered throughout. The area is the center of regional transportation, business and shopping.

City History

A partner of the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company,Gen Moses Hazeltine Sherman, developed Sherman Oaks. In 1991, a group of homeowners living in the Chandlers Estates area, successfully petitioned former Los Angeles City Councilmember Zev Yaroslavsky to re-draw the boundaries of Sherman Oaks from Magnolia to Burbank Blvd to the north, and from Coldwater Canyon to Van Nuys Blvd to the west. Few weeks later a 45 block area bordered by Van Nuys Boulevard on the east and the San Diego Freeway on the west, and between Burbank and Magnolia Boulevards, also successfully petitioned Los Angeles City council. After some time all boundaries were eliminated and Sherman Oaks became what it is today.


The Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park is in Sherman Oaks. It is a very popular and family friendly location in fact Los Angeles times wrote in 2002 that the park "is a popular site for family gatherings.” The park has an auditorium, two lighted baseball diamonds, six unlighted baseball diamonds, lighted indoor basketball courts, lighted outdoor basketball courts, a children's play area, a 60-person community room, a lighted American football field, an indoor gymnasium without weights, picnic tables and much more.

City Safety

With all the street lights, friendly people and low crime rates Sherman Oaks is part of the valley you can feel safe in. In Sherman Oaks there is less than 4.3 crimes per 10,000 people. This is a number anyone should feel comfortable with.

City Danger

As most of us know Sherman Oaks area was hit pretty hard during the 1994 earthquake. The event was very unfortunate. However, it is because of this event that the city evolved as much as it has. Truth is earthquakes are very common all around California and there is not much we can do to prevent them from happening. The real key lies in planning, preparing, and practicing.


Forty-five percent of Sherman Oaks residents aged 25 and older had earned a four-year degree by 2000, a high percentage for both the city and the county. The percentage of those residents with a master's degree or higher was also high for the county. Schools within the Sherman Oaks boundaries include both public and private schools with great teachers and in kid friendly environments.


This neighborhood is a mixture of laid back and high intensity. It is completely up to you when you want to be part of a high energy busy day or a relaxing day a home on your day off. Sherman Oaks is the place for you!


Places nearby Sherman Oaks include; Van Nuys, Encino, Studio City, North Hollywood and many more. Every single one of these cites has something to offer whether it be a soothing day at the spa, a relaxed day at the movies, or an extravagant date night dinner Sherman Oaks in the center of it all you will never have a hard time searching for something to do!

Living Highlights

Great Location, Mid-way of anything anyone would need. Weather is great and the atmosphere is phenomenal, you will not regret living in a city with so much to do yet so peaceful to live in.


Sherman Oaks offers almost all kinds of transportation, you have the freedom to take the metro to many of the local areas including the Rose Bowl if you decide you want to attend a weekend concert or two. It is a very high passed location there is quite a few people around all the time and many of the business people around like the taxi option because of all the street parking. Speaking of street parking if there was one thing about the city is possibly the street parking, however there are many solution to this issue, such as Valet parking, Parking passes in the neighborhood, taxis ir carpooling. Feel free to enjoy a riding your bike or maybe even your skateboard Sherman Oaks welcomes you and your preferences.

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