Houses for Rent in Los Angeles, CA


El Royale

450 N Rossmore Avenue

3 Bedrooms | Price: $18000

N. New Hampshire Ave. & Beverly ...

N. New Hampshire Ave. & Beverly Blvd.

3 Bedrooms | Price: $3400

Selby Ave. & La Grange Ave.

Selby Ave. & La Grange Ave.

2 Bedrooms | Price: $2850

N. Poinsettia Pl. & W. Sunset Blvd.

N. Poinsettia Pl. & W. Sunset Blvd.

2 Bedrooms | Price: $2195

Barry Ave. & Pearl Pl.

Barry Ave. & Pearl Pl.

4 Bedrooms | Price: $4995

Fountain Ave. & N. Flores St.

Fountain Ave. & N. Flores St.

1 Bedroom | Price: $2395

Casa De Marina

12600 Braddock Dr

2 Bedrooms | Prices: $1765 - $2120

N. Alta Vista Blvd. & Fountain Ave.

N. Alta Vista Blvd. & Fountain Ave.

1 Bedroom | Price: $2350

N. Alvarado St. & W. Court St.

N. Alvarado St. & W. Court St.

2 Bedrooms | Price: $2100

5132 Melrose Ave.

5132 Melrose Ave.

3 Bedrooms | Price: $4000

Local Expert
Monique Carrabba
By Monique Carrabba
Los Angeles, CA
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As a lifetime resident of Los Angeles, Monique has unique knowledge and insight regarding the state of Los Angeles real estate, both from a pricing standpoint and from simply knowing where dozens of neighborhoods are and knowing their history for the last 20 years.

Why do you love Los Angeles?

Beach in the morning, Ski in the afternoon, how can you beat it? Live in an urban area or live in the hills and be close to it all but so far away. Los Angeles is host to everything you could imagine, and the sprawling diversity makes it a global metropolis unlike any other.

Describe your perfect weekend in Los Angeles?

I would say the perfect weekend would be having brunch somewhere on Third Street. Go by a Farmer's Market after. Spend the afternoon in Venice going to Boutiques or Silverlake. Catch a show at the Hollywood Bowl. Stay a night at Chateau Marmont followed by a relaxing day by the pool.

Two golden nuggets you know now that you wish you knew as a new resident?

You can park in the loading zone on the weekend without getting a ticket. Sometimes the best places to live are not the places you hear everyone wants to live. To catch the real flavor of LA it's better to live where the natives live and not the tourists.

Two fun facts about Los Angeles

Until the 1970s Bunker Hill in Downtown LA (DTLA) was covered in Victorian homes where now the tallest buildings in LA stands. In 1996, Charlie Sheen paid $6537.50 for the outfield seats at Angels Stadium to try and catch a home run ball - no one homered unfortunately.

How is street parking around the city?

Street parking is everywhere and the metered streets are convenient with modern meters accepting credit cards.

What initially attracted you to move to Los Angeles?

I am a 5 generation California Native and 4th generation Angelino - I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Are there mostly family run or corporate chain establishments?

It's a mix of both small business and big chains. In the good neighborhoods that I prefer are small business centric.

City History :

It is a desert that once was part of Spain. Oil was discovered in 1892 in close proximity to what is now Dodger Stadium, and in 1923 Los Angeles produced roughly 25% of the world's oil, now obviously a central hub for movie production & the film industry.

City Safety :

Crime in LA happens. The main crimes are property grimes. Minor theft. The City continues to become safer and I know the neighborhoods to avoid or embrace. For a big city I feel safe walking around the majority of areas.

Renting Advice :

Renting is a great option in Los Angeles. Finding the right neighborhood is key and renting allows you the flexibility to feel it out. Rent Control on properties built before 1988. Rent increases are limited by LAHD every ear, so make sure to look into this before committing to a lease.

Education :

All over LA there are good, great and bad schools. A growing movement towards charter schools. Most of the middle and high schools are a mixed bag unless your child is lucky enough to get into L.A.C.E.S

Lifestyle :

Our city is a mix of Eastside vs Westside. Westside more high intensity . Eastside more chill. Mid City a little bit of both. People are active and the big thing I recommend is hiking Runyon Canyon with a dog and some great people watching.

Entertainment :

Go to a Street Fair, Concerts in the park or Hollywood Bowl and enjoy shopping options from Gypset/BOBO Hipster to Designers from all over the world on Rodeo. Also the restaurant variety is 2nd to none. From legendary burger & taco joints to world class restaurants you have it all.

Living Highlights :

A vibrant metropolis with sunshine year around and every outdoor activity imaginable at arms reach. Los Angeles has it all with a multitude of cultures to keep everyone entertained.

Transportation :

In the 1950s the Red Car served much of LA until the city became a car-centric city and the tracks were removed to make way for highways. Our public transportation system is getting better but still a few years out until a viable option for every corner of Los Angeles. High amount of traffic.