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3 BED • 2 BATH

75 weeks ago

1 BED • 1 BATH

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2 BED • 2 BATH

75 weeks ago

3 BED • 3 BATH

77 weeks ago

1 BED • 1 BATH • 600.0 SQ FT

66 weeks ago

4 BED • 4 BATH • 2,600.0 SQ FT

73 weeks ago

2 BED • 2 BATH

66 weeks ago

1 BED • 1 BATH

75 weeks ago

2 BED • 2 BATH

75 weeks ago

3 BED • 2 BATH

75 weeks ago

2 BED • 1 BATH

72 weeks ago

3 BED • 1 BATH

72 weeks ago

3 BED • 2 BATH

72 weeks ago

I have been selling real estate since 2007 in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills areas. I am a licensed broker and also a licensed CA attorney. I have lived in the area since 1994 when I moved to Southern CA to go to law school. My negotiation skills are top-notch! Having bought and sold real estate in LA, I know the market very well and am well qualified when it comes to helping people find a home to buy or lease.

Two fun facts about Beverly Hills

The land where Beverly Hills now sits was originally used as a lima bean farm. It was bought in 1900 by a group of wealthy Angelenos to search for oil but not enough was found to make it profitable.

How is street parking around the city?

Street parking in the Rodeo Dr shopping district of Beverly Hills is plentiful, thanks to the many city owned garages. There is also a lot of available parking on residential streets and at parking meters.

Family-friendly atmosphere?

There is definitely a family-friendly atmosphere in Beverly Hills. In addition to the many parks located within the city limits, there are also opportunities for family dinners at the many restaurants within city limits.

Do you feel safe at night walking around?

Beverly Hills is one of the safest neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area. However, it is important to remember that in a big city like Los Angeles, there is always the potential for crime and Beverly Hills is no different.

Are there mostly family run or corporate chain establishments?

There are a good mix of both family run and corporate chain establishments. Well known retail such as Barney's, Louis Vuitton, Gucci share the area with privately owned boutiques and stores.

City History

The City of Beverly Hills was initially settled in 1828 by Maria Rita Quinteros de Valdez and her husband. They owned 4,500 acres and called it Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas.


The City of Beverly Hills is very well kept, as anyone who lives there or even drives through it regularly can attest. There are many parks within the city limits. Will Rogers Park is across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

City Safety

Beverly Hills has its own police department, which allows it to respond quickly to any criminal activity. The crime rate, in general, is lower compared to other areas of Los Angeles but it still experiences crime. The type of crime is more property related than violent crime.

City Danger

Beverly Hills is subject to the same types of natural disasters as other areas of Southern CA, primarily earthquakes and fires in the hills. Another area of concern for some inhabitants is the oil currently being extracted from the ground below the city.

Renting Advice

Rents in Beverly Hills can be higher than other areas of Los Angeles. It al depends on what you're looking for and where you want to be. If you're looking for a large home in the Hills part, you're going to have to pay.


The Beverly Hills School District is very highly regarded. Beverly Hills HS is so desirable that many people have moved to the "slums" of Beverly Hills so they can attend the schools there. There are no private high schools in Beverly Hills but there are many exclusive high schools nearby.


Beverly Hills for the most part, is primarily residential with the main commercial/retail activity running along Wilshire Blvd. Therefore you will find that in the residential areas it's laid back and quiet. You do see lots of physical activity with people running/jogging the neighborhoods.


Beverly Hills is well known for the shopping! What else is there? The Wallis Annenberg Performing Arts Center recently opened and offers performances in theater, dance, opera, classical and special attractions as well.

Living Highlights

What else can be said about Southern CA weather? Yes there is lots of sunshine and temperate weather year round. The quality of life in Beverly Hills is really one of the best you will find.


Beverly Hills is centrally located so you can get around to other areas of Los Angeles fairly quickly, including Santa Monica/Venice and the beach areas.

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