Moving to California?

When talking about a move to California, you first need to narrow your search. California is not only home to the most people of any state, but also serves as a hub for a wide array of industries both foreign and domestic. From the cloud-draped redwoods of the north and tech towns around the San Francisco Bay Area to the fertile valleys of the central cities all the way down to the Hollywood glitz of Los Angeles and the sunny surfing of San Diego, California has everything you could want.


What to Know as a Renter in California

Whether this is your first time looking for houses for rent in California or you’re an experienced veteran, it is still important to be aware of a how renting works in the state. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers details on everything you as a potential renter and tenant should know. It’s wise to consult this information for statewide and local regulations on housing.

An Outdoor Paradise ...

California offers some of the most unique terrain in the world, and this has been recognized by the federal government many times over with the creation of nine national parks. These include the epic vistas of Yosemite, the world’s tallest trees in Redwood National Park, and the hottest point in the western hemisphere among the dunes of Death Valley. The fauna of these awe-inspiring areas include mountain lions, grizzly bears, elk, eagles, coyotes, rattlesnakes and any other creature a cowboy could imagine. The best part is that no matter where in the state you rent a house, you’re never more than a couple hour’s drive from a world-class outdoor experience.

... As Well as a Cultural Headquarters

Of course, there’s plenty to do in town too! Los Angeles is now home to the space shuttle Endeavour, housed alongside the century-old Natural History Museum and the beautiful University of Southern California Rose Garden. Hollywood and nearby Burbank are home to numerous movie studios, and you can expect to see many a red-carpet premiere, not to mention celebrities, if you end up in the City of Angels.

In San Francisco, explore the famous Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf or see any number of hot new local bands. Because of these cultural epicenters, no part of the state is without at least a few great cultural activities to enjoy.

Northern California and the Bay Area

San Francisco, home of the Golden Gate Bridge, the 49ers and one of America’s greatest cultural centers, offers wonderful townhomes and row houses. With an outstanding public transportation system, you can save money on your commute no matter where you live. That’s a good thing, too, because San Fran has one of the highest cost-of-living indexes in the nation. While its fame may be great, the actual city is comparatively small, leaving many people to live in nearby cities like Oakland (just across the bay), San Jose to the south, or the many different suburbs.

Central California: The World’s Best Farmers’ Market

While not as well known as the northern and southern regions of the state, the central areas of California, such as the Salinas Valley, offer affordable, relaxed living. There’s a reason why local Nobel-prize winner John Steinbeck set many of his stories there. Also, whatever your taste, you can find all the fruits, vegetables and herbs you want just by driving down the highway. Not only can you buy your greens cheaper than at the supermarket, but you’ll also find nothing fresher.

Southern California: Surfin’ U.S.A.

Of course, not everyone surfs in SoCal, but it’s tough to find someone that doesn’t love a great day at the beach. Thanks to the temperate climate of this area, you can enjoy the beach year-round. How about a game of volleyball on New Year’s Day?

If beach activities aren’t your first choice for fun, you’ll discover a more sylvan lifestyle in L.A.-adjacent Pasadena, home of Caltech and the setting for the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Pasadena offers a suburban dream among the foothills, creeks and forests of the Angeles Mountains.

San Diego, at the border of Mexico, offers some of the best Mexican food you’ll ever eat, as well as all the comforts of a big city. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy football and baseball: the NFL’s Chargers and baseball’s Padres are based in San Diego. With a small-town community atmosphere, the friendly folks of this city make any new resident feel right at home.

A World of Golden Opportunities

These is arguably no other state in America that is home to as many different areas and options for living as California. In fact, getting started looking for houses to rent in California may feel like a job in itself, but a rewarding one, nonetheless. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for no matter where you end up. With an economy larger than most countries, California remains a great American story waiting for you to become a part of it.

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