Moving to Arkansas?

Nestled in the middle of the southern United States, Arkansas is often overlooked for its larger and more populated neighbors like Texas or Tennessee. However, this unique state has a charm all its own with distinctive landscapes and invigorating culture.

With national parks, urban centers and sporting events, Arkansas is the perfect choice for renters looking to make a new start in life. When starting the search for a new house, condo or duplex for rent in Arkansas, it is critical to be well informed about the options. Start the rental journey with this helpful Arkansas guide.

Arkansas at a Glance

Arkansas is known as the "Natural State," but most people are not aware of the extent of its natural wonders. In fact, Arkansas has one of the most diverse geographical makeups of any state in the country. The largest city is the capital, Little Rock, which is centrally located and serves as a hub of economic activity.

The northwestern portion of the state is the second most populated area with cities like Fayetteville, Springdale and Fort Smith, which offer business, education and culture. Outside these major metropolitan areas, Arkansas has distinctive landscapes such as the Ozarks, the Ouachita Mountains, the Arkansas Timberlands and the Mississippi River delta. With all this, no matter what area of the state one chooses, there is sure to be ample outdoor attractions to appreciate nearby.

Things to Do in Arkansas

Many people who live in Arkansas appreciate spending time in the great outdoors. The vast natural habitats are ideal for any number of outdoor recreational activities including hunting, hiking, fishing and more. There are also opportunities to dig for crystals or to tour caverns. While Arkansas does not have any professional sports teams, collegiate sports thrive in the state with the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas.

Other people may enjoy a relaxing day at Hot Springs National Park by taking a pleasant soak in the natural thermal waters. There are also options for golf, wine tasting, museums and more, ensuring that there is something for everyone in Arkansas.

An Empowered Renter in Arkansas

Renting is a legal contract. Like any legal agreement, it is important to know what rights are afforded and what requirements are expected. Each state has its own laws regarding rental situations. To understand the laws regarding rental agreements in Arkansas, visit This site is provided by the Arkansas government and offers a helpful overview and a few relevant links.

Renter's Resources in Arkansas

There are many other concerns to attend to during a move to Arkansas. To help make the process easier, consider the following resource links.

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