Moving to Alabama?

Despite what Hollywood may show in its films, Alabama is not all pine trees and pickup trucks. It is a diverse state with bustling cities, pristine beaches, majestic mountains and, yes, pine thickets and pickup trucks. With the recent auto and aeronautic boom, the state of Alabama has seen an influx of new residents and many of these new residents opt to rent a house or condo before committing to purchasing a home. Whether you are attending school in Auburn or Tuscaloosa, working in the space and aeronautics industry in Huntsville, or working on a rig along the Gulf Coast, you will find a rich variety of rental opportunities in the state.

What to Know as a Renter in Alabama

Renters in the state of Alabama enjoy some protections under the law. Before signing any lease or rental agreement it is important that you know exactly what your rights are as a renter in the state of Alabama. You can find a detailed list of rules and laws pertaining to renters and landlords at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development site. (

An Outdoor Lover’s Paradise...

There is a migration from the North to the South. People tired of bitter winters are making their way to the warmer climates of the southern states. For those who love hot summers, mild winters, and the great outdoors, they cannot find a better place to relocate than beautiful Alabama. Alabama is home to a diverse geography that comprises mountains, plains, bayous, and white beaches. The winters rarely last long – if they show up at all – and the summers are nice and hot. The state itself is dotted with maintained wildlife refuges, state parks perfect for hiking and camping, and navigable streams ideal for those who love to kayak and canoe.

...Along With a Booming Economy…

As mentioned, the economy in the state of Alabama is booming. It is almost as if the state is returning to the days when it was known as the steel capitol of the South, except this time the boom is occurring in multiple industries. The banking industry is strong with several banks — including Regions Bank – maintaining corporate headquarters in Birmingham and Montgomery. Hyundai automakers maintains a plant just outside of Montgomery, AL. Mercedes operates a very successful plant manufacturing their popular M-Class just outside of Tuscaloosa, AL. Along with these new industries, Alabama’s established industries such as mining, logging, and the fishing and shrimping industries are thriving.

…And Wonderful, Friendly People

Alabama’s greatest asset cannot be found in a forest, mine, bay, or office - or perhaps, it can be found in all of those places and more. Alabama’s people make the state a great place to move and live. Southern hospitality is a way of life in Alabama. People wave to complete strangers as they pass by in their cars. They smile at each other on the street. Alabama is one of those places that if you happen to blow a tire on the freeway, you will have a line of people waiting to help you change it.

Northern Alabama and the Huntsville Area

Surrounded by mountains and deep navigable waterways, Huntsville, AL is the birthplace of the NASA space program, and that heritage is still apparent today. The majority of people that move to Huntsville for work are involved in the aeronautics or space and defense industry. As a result there are many large, well-appointed homes available for rent that you may not find in other areas.

Central Alabama and Birmingham and Montgomery

Central Alabama is home to Alabama’s two largest cities: Birmingham and Montgomery. Birmingham is Alabama’s largest city and is home to large financial and health care industry. Many large banks maintain their corporate headquarters within the city, and the UAB medical system is a world-renowned treatment and research hospital. Montgomery is the state capitol and, along with the business of government, the city is also home to growing automotive industry.

Southern Alabama and the Gulf Coast

Not many people outside of the state realize that Alabama has a coastline. While Alabama’s coastline is short, it makes up for its lack of size by being exceptionally beautiful. The waters along the Alabama coast are a clear blue and the sands are sugar white. The large port city of Mobile is one of the nation’s largest deep water ports and the shipping and import/export industries, along with the fishing industry and oil and gas industry, drive this region’s economy.

Discover Opportunities in Alabama the Beautiful

Alabama is a remarkably diverse and beautiful state. There are many diverse opportunities for recreation—both in and out of doors. Alabama is also home to a thriving economy across a multitude of industries. If you are planning to on relocating to Alabama for work or to attend school at one of the state’s many fine institutions you will find rental properties of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to live in a country house or an urban loft, you will find a property that meets your needs.

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